9 December 2022

Spatial data has never been more important with Vicmap, Victoria’s authoritative suite of spatial data and mapping products, setting new records.

So far this year Vicmap has been accessed upwards of 500 million times, and usage continues to grow. This important data helps support decision-making in an increasingly spatially driven world.

Of the top 20 performing datasets on DataVic, seven were Vicmap products, and four of the top five searches were for Vicmap datasets. Land.vic was also the #1 referral point to DataVic, highlighting the demand for accurate and authoritative spatial data.

Launched in September 2021 Vicmap as a Service is also proving its worth with approximately 16 million hits during its first 12 months and 6.7 million hits during the past six months.

Vicmap as a Service enables real-time access to Victoria’s foundational spatial data via API’s and web services and provides direct data streams to government agencies including emergency services.

The Vicmap Address Validation API also continues to perform, with around 3 million hits this year solely within Victorian Government web mapping applications.

As we head into bushfire season it’s again important to recognise the role of Vicmap topographic mapping.

Every year DELWP opens up the mobile mapping app Vicmap Viewer, alongside the Vicmap Topographic Mapping Online website, for two weeks of no-cost access to the Country Fire Authority (CFA). This usually occurs in late October before the fire season, and this year occurred during the current flood crisis.

The CFA downloaded over 65,000 maps during this period. Having access to the latest Vicmap Topographic Maps, built using Vicmap data, assists the CFA in managing these emergencies.

This year, the CFA downloaded 65,373 maps via Vicmap Viewer and a further 2,349 via the service. These maps will be used for fire response over the 2022/2023 season but are also being used since October this year for emergency flood response.

September saw a new record set of 552 downloads by the public since the launch of the Vicmap Topographic Mapping Online service. And October saw a record 458 downloads in Vicmap Viewer by the public since its launch.

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Page last updated: 11/07/23