09 March 2022

The Vicmap Basemaps web map tile service has had an overhaul with new service offerings in GDA2020, as well as updated imagery and improved styling. And there is more to come with a draft roadmap paving the way for further enhancements.

This is an important step in our pathway to GDA2020 and will help Vicmap customers transition to the new datum.

GDA2020 is the modern datum that will meet the requirements of the digital age. GDA2020 supports a broad range of high accuracy positioning requirements including GNSS positioning, positioning via smartphones and digital cadastres.

Over the last 12 months the Vicmap team have delivered new and improved service offerings including:

  • improved styling of the standard Cartographic and Overlay services
  • new Vicgrid2020 services that comply with the new GDA2020 datum
  • updated imagery
  • a new Web Mercator service that complies with the commonly used Google Maps web mapping standard

In addition, a draft roadmap for the Vicmap Basemaps has been developed that provides a vision of what users can expect over the next few years including:

  • new vector tile services to replace some of the current raster tile services which are no longer industry standard
  • more frequent and regular updates to imagery services
  • new greyscale services

Since its inception almost 10 years ago the Vicmap Basemaps service has reliably provided a suite of tiled maps to web mapping applications and GIS desktop environments within the Victorian Government, emergency service organisations, educational institutions, and the spatial industry.

The benefits of the Vicmap Basemaps services are widely known with open standard services delivering cartographically styled, up-to-date foundational Vicmap data and high-resolution imagery.

These updates form part of a broader piece of work to transition to Vicgrid2020 and follow the Vicmap GDA2020 transition survey which closed in February.

The survey gathered insights on industry’s transition status and challenges and will aid in the development of targeted stakeholder engagement and support. The results will also guide decisions and announcements of dates to end support for Vicmap products and services in GDA94.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to plan and commence the transition to GDA2020.

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Page last updated: 17/03/22