A digital twin is a dynamic digital representation of a real world object or system

ANZLIC The Spatial Information Council

Digital twin technology is being used around the world to address the complex challenges of urban renewal, sustainable living and digital modernisation.

A digital twin ecosystem relies on collaboration across governments, industry, the research sector and the community to help realise the full benefits and best possible outcomes.

Digital twin technology has the potential to revolutionise end-to-end approaches to construction and infrastructure by:

  • optimising emerging technology in the development lifecycle
  • creating efficiencies and savings through speed of approvals
  • delivering smarter development using decision support tools
  • enhancing services, products and partnerships to deliver public value
  • creating a rich data ecosystem, spanning government, industry, academia and the community
  • stimulating a future ready workforce
Principles for Spatially Enabled Digital Twins
Source: Principles for Spatially Enabled Digital Twins of the Built and Natural Environment in Australia, ANZLIC 2019 CC BY 4.0

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