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What is the Vicmap spatial upgrade?

The Vicmap spatial upgrade is the outcome of the Digital Cadastre Modernisation project which will deliver significant improvements to Vicmap’s position accuracy.

You can read more about the benefits this upgrade will deliver to Vicmap and its customers in the fact sheet below.

Vicmap spatial upgrade schedule

The table below outlines the most up-to-date schedule for the Vicmap spatial upgrade by local government area. The Vicmap weekly refresh will not occur during the pause dates to facilitate the implementation of the upgrade.

Delivery schedules are subject to change, and we encourage Vicmap customers to check back here regularly for any updates.

As we progress with the upgrade, Vicmap customers can request access to a pre-upgrade version of Vicmap data for their area of interest.

This static data can be made available as interim support for customers who may not be ready to transition to the upgraded Vicmap data on the date the upgrade happens.

Get in touch with us

For further help or information please email vicmap@delwp.vic.gov.au.

Find out more about updates to Vicmap and how your organisation can prepare for the Vicmap spatial upgrade:

Page last updated: 31/03/23