Our electronic lodgment program

We are making conveyancing transactions better in Victoria with paperless, electronic lodgment that is fast, secure and meets national standards.


Proportion of all transactions lodged electronically in Victoria


Number of dealings lodged electronically to date in Victoria*


Successful electronic transfers of land


Proportion of all subdivisions lodged electronically in Victoria


Successfully completed electronic subdivisions*


Number of new parcels created from plans of subdivision*

Why electronic lodgment?

Electronic lodgment is the fast and convenient way for conveyancers and lawyers to submit land and plan transactions. It’s paperless and 100% digital, making it faster than the usual manual processes in property transactions.

Applications are lodged electronically and use secure digital signatures. This secure online environment is provided by approved Electronic Lodgment Network Operators, like PEXA and Sympli. SPEAR is run by Land Use Victoria. The approach is consistent across Australia. This delivers fewer delays and risks, better quality, and significant economic benefits.

* Source: LRS business activity report 2019-20 (DOCX, 380.7 KB)