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Update to the generic residual document ‘Record-Notice - Transfer of Land Act - Section 104’

PEXA workspace ‘Land Title Reference’ for the generic residual document

Land Use Victoria has updated the eligibility criteria outlined in Customer Information Bulletin 200 regarding the folio of the Register to be used when creating the generic residual document.

When preparing the generic residual document, a single folio of the Register must be used. In the PEXA workspace, Subscribers must select only one of the following folios depending on the type of attached paper instruments to be lodged:

  1. 12207/425 must be used for any instrument type that can be lodged electronically using SPEAR including plans of subdivision, other plans under the Subdivision Act 1988 and other applications that involve a plan of survey, for example applications under section 60 of the Transfer of Land Act 1958 (TLA) (adverse possession) and section 99 of the TLA (boundary realignment).  For eligible instrument types please refer to the SPEAR website.
  2. 12198/325 must be used for all other instrument types.

No other folio should be entered in the generic residual document.

Subscribers must not nominate either folio 12207/425 or 12198/325.

Nominating certificates of title referenced in paper instruments attached to the generic residual document

If the certificate(s) of title referred to in the paper instruments attached to the generic residual document require nomination, the subscriber must ensure that the nomination is lodged prior to the submission of the generic residual document.

If a nomination is required and the certificate of title is electronic, i.e. an eCT, this must be lodged in a separate workspace using the volume and folio number(s) referred to in the paper instruments, in the same way this was done when lodging in paper previously.

If the certificate of title is paper, i.e. a pCT, you will need to convert the certificate of title to an eCT by emailing the form "Application to convert a paper Certificate of Title to an electronic Certificate of Title CPCT" available on our forms page to advice.enquiries@victorianlrs.com.au. Once the certificate of title is converted to an eCT it can be nominated to the paper instruments using PEXA.

A step-by-step guide for lodging the generic residual document in PEXA can be found here.

SPEAR Electronic Lodgment Network reminder

SPEAR electronic lodgment is the preferred method for lodging all instruments eligible to be lodged using SPEAR. Information about how to register to become a SPEAR ELN Subscriber is on the SPEAR website: https://www.spear.land.vic.gov.au/spear/pages/lodging-parties/about-lodging.shtml

If you lodge an infrequent number of SPEAR instrument types, please consider using an existing SPEAR ELN Subscriber to lodge your instruments.  Listed subscribers can be found under the heading ’Lodging Party Organisations’ on the SPEAR website: https://www.spear.land.vic.gov.au/spear/spearOrganisations/List.do

The new generic residual document is available for PEXA Subscribers who are not yet Subscribers to SPEAR, but turnaround times are longer. For instrument types available in SPEAR see: https://www.spear.land.vic.gov.au/spear/pages/about/what-is-spear/spear-dealing-types.shtml

Image quality

The image quality of attached paper instruments is critical. Instruments of poor image quality will not be accepted. Please ensure that when attaching an image, it is not upside down or sideways. Lodgments of a poor image quality will be rejected, slowing the processing time.

Image quality check list

  • Resolution must be set to a minimum of 300 dpi for satisfactory image quality.
  • All plan and survey documents must be produced in black and white in accordance with current practice. Colour and greyscale are not acceptable. Any colour and greyscale PDFs will be converted to black and white by Land Use Victoria which will result in a loss of quality.
  • All pages of the PDF file must be orientated to appear upright when viewed on screen. This will ensure watermarks are applied correctly. A landscape sheet must not appear in portrait orientation (rotated 90 degrees).


Any queries regarding the generic residual document should be directed to Land Registry Services customer call centre on 03 9102 0401.

Please contact PEXA on 1300 084 515 if you have any questions on how to create a generic residual document.

Update to residual documents in PEXA

Land Use Victoria is pleased to announce that all residual documents are now available to be lodged in PEXA.  The final residual documents made available to PEXA Subscribers on 4 May 2020 were:

  • Application to change proprietor –Transfer by the Sherriff – Transfer of Land Act – Section 52
  • Application to change proprietor – Transfer to the Crown – Transfer of Land Act – Section 45
  • Application to change proprietor – Transfer and Creation of Easement – Transfer of Land Act – Section 45
  • Application to change proprietor – Transfer by Council – Rate Recovery – Local Government Act – Section 181
  • Application to change proprietor – Transfer by Religious Successory Trust – Transfer of Land Act – Section 45

A complete list of residual documents is in the guide to residual documents in PEXA

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