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New Land Use Victoria website is now available

As notified in the last Customer Information Bulletin 208, the Property and land titles website has been combined with the Maps and spatial data website to form a single site for Victorian land and property information and is now live at land.vic.gov.au. The old websites have a redirect in place to the new corresponding page.

The changes are based on customer insights and feedback. We worked with more than 2,500 customers and stakeholders to update our content and create a more seamless experience. The new site will make it easier to find land and property information. Features include:

  • a user-focused website a simpler menu structure, with tailored content for land registration professionals and individuals
  • all lodgment fees, guides and forms in one place and fully searchable
  • an HTML Customer Information Bulletin archive that is easier to browse and search
  • changes to the subscription process for Customer Information Bulletin notifications (more information below)
  • updated FAQs to answer common questions
  • one trusted place for land and property information and tools
  • dedicated sections and news for each of the Land Use Victoria (LUV) service areas
  • latest LUV news and initiatives

Common links

To assist with the transition please find some common links below;

  • New home page: land.vic.gov.au
  • Property and land titles content can now be found on the Land registration page.
  • Forms Guides and Fee’s has been renamed to Fees Guides and Forms. All lodgment fees, guides and forms are in one place and fully searchable. The lodgment summary form can be found on this page.

Changes to notification for the Customer Information Bulletin

With the launch of the new website, customers will notice a small change in the notification they receive when a new Customer Information Bulletin is published. The change will start with the next CIB 210, which is expected to be published Mid-December. Initially, the CIB notification email may appear in junk mail of some subscribers. Subscribers are asked to check their junk mail for the next CIB.

Please note the following changes:

New subscribers to Customer Information Bulletin (CIB) will be managed through the new website sign-up form on the Customer information bulletin page. If you are already a recipient of the CIB notification you do not have to subscribe again as your details have been transitioned.

To Unsubscribe, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the new CIB notification email (starting the next CIB 210).

Please do not email Land Use Victoria about subscribing or unsubscribing to the CIB, as they will not be actioned.

Contact us

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Page last updated: 11/07/23