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New lodgment and search fees for land and water from 1 July 2021

On 1 July 2021, fees for lodging transactions at Land Use Victoria (LUV) will change. Search fees will also change.

The value of a fee unit, as announced by the Victorian Treasurer as part of the Victorian Government’s State Budget for 2021/2022 will increase to $15.03.

Updated, comprehensive fee listings and fee calculators for land transactions are now available at 2021-22 fees.

Fees for lodging transactions in the Water Register are available at Water Register

End of financial year cut off times for lodging with LUV

Instruments received after the dates below may be charged the 2021/2022 fees. Please note the cut off times for the Generic residual documents ‘Record-Notice-Transfer of Land Act – Section 104’ (Generic Residual Document) in particular.

Processing cut off for end of financial year lodgments

Document delivery method

Cut off time/date

Instruments lodged digitally using PEXA or Sympli

30 June 2021

Instruments submitted using SPEAR*

2pm 30 June 2021

Generic Residual Documents – submitted using PEXA

18 June 2021

Instruments received by the Water Registrar by post

29 June 2021

*Customer must pay and lodge on 30 June 2021

Processing times for plans of subdivision


Electronic submission through SPEAR is the most efficient method for lodging eligible dealing types (e.g. plans of subdivision). Generally, Land Use Victoria processes the pre-lodgment check within 24 hours. The lodging party can then pay and lodge.

In general, plans of subdivision are registered within 15 business days of the lodgment date. For Priority Plans (10 lots and greater) there is a target of five business days. Timeframes depend on the complexity of the plan and whether requisitions are required.

Information about how to register to become a SPEAR ELN Subscriber is on the SPEAR website: about lodging. For applications eligible to be lodged via the SPEAR ELN, please refer to Spear Dealing Types.

Generic Residual Document

Applications submitted through the Generic Residual Document using PEXA are processed manually, so additional time is required. The date a Generic Residual Document is submitted using PEXA is not the date of lodgment. Generally, plans of subdivision submitted by this method can take up to 10 business days to be processed for lodgment.

Submissions made through either the SPEAR ELN or the Generic Residual Document are subject to ordinary lodgment and registration processes within Land Registry Services. Submissions that do not meet the lodging requirements will be refused for lodgment.

Please note: Land Registry Services does not respond to enquiries relating to an update or progress of applications including plans of subdivision.

To be notified of all changes to the status of an application please subscribe to Property Transaction Alert. Go to Where To Find Information About Land Titles to find a list of title alert service providers.

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