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About Digital Twin Victoria

Digital Twin Victoria is Land Use Victoria’s innovative new pilot funded through the 2020/21 Victorian State Budget.

The pilot brings together digital twin technology, rich 3D and 4D spatial data, artificial intelligence and sensor data and more to visualise and model places virtually, before investments hit the ground.

Digital twins are like virtual building blocks. With the right data, the opportunities are endless. This is why collaboration across government, industry, education and the community – the whole digital ecosystem - is essential for digital twins to succeed.

They will be the first place that leaders go to plan our liveable, sustainable and resilient future using data-driven digital innovation and intelligence – and the first place people will go to plan how they engage with their communities. Find out more in What is a digital twin?

The program

The Digital Twin Victoria program focuses on building six core capabilities across government related to data, platforms, skills, analytics, governance and community engagement.

Building our capabilities will help us to rapidly identify and deliver on more opportunities for digital twin technology.

The pilot will explore how we can use digital twins to:

  • enable better and faster delivery of construction and infrastructure through easier access to critical location data
  • support a deeper understanding of planning, policy and development issues.
  • accelerate whole-of-government digital transformation
  • support faster, more robust regulatory assessments and compliance monitoring, like the eComply project
  • enable community-centred design and engagement
  • improve social, economic and environmental outcomes
  • create opportunities for innovation products, services, jobs and industries

Digital Twin Victoria can unlock value for Victorians by:

  • building stronger, more resilient communities through emerging spatial technologies
  • stimulating economic recovery through digital workflows that reduce red tape
  • delivering smarter, faster government services with digital workflows and greater access to location information

Digital Twin Victoria complements the Victorian government’s once-in-a-lifetime $45 million investment in modernising our digital cadastre.

It also builds on the success of Victoria’s first digital twin for Fishermans Bend, a program we launched in 2019.

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