16 August 2021

Land Use Victoria is pleased to announce open access to our database of digitised land parcels. You can now download land parcel data for 2 million digitised land parcels. We are seeking your feedback on the quality and useability of this data.

The data release marks an important milestone in the Digital Cadastre Modernisation project, a $45 million 4-year project to digitise the archive of cadastral plans and surveys for every current land parcel in Victoria.

The digital cadastral surveying data can now be accessed via the interactive land parcel digitisation map.

Once downloaded the data can be re-used, eliminating the need for repeated manual data capture from plan and survey images.

The digitisation process is capturing essential cadastral surveying data according to a comprehensive data model that will be used to maintain and improve the digital cadastre.

We will continue to digitise our archive of cadastral plans and surveys until every current land parcel in Victoria is captured.

This data will be made available via the interactive map as an early benefit of the Digital Cadastre Modernisation project. All current parcels will be captured by late 2022.

Want to talk to us? Email the Digital Cadastre Modernisation Project Team digital.cadastre@delwp.vic.gov.au

Learn more about early release data and the Digital Cadastre Modernisation Project:

Page last updated: 16/08/21