6 July 2021

Surveyor-General Victoria (SGV) Geodesy is contributing to precise regional positioning data as one of only three Local Analysis Centres for the Asia-Pacific Reference Frame (APREF).

This important digital infrastructure has recently had a major upgrade, with our Victorian Local Analysis Centre rebuilt from the ground up.

This includes the latest measurement models, multiple Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) constellation processing and better cloud computing technology. We have also partnered with Position++ to deliver a system that quickly displays and analyses the data.

APREF brings together GNSS ground station data from 33 countries to provide positioning information in a densified reference frame over the Asia Pacific region. It is the foundation for the new Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020 (GDA2020) and underpins all modern spatial datasets used in Australia.

The Victorian Local Analysis Centre provides greater oversight of the Victorian network of more than 125 GNSS ground stations, the second largest network in the country. This analysis and monitoring enable quick identification of trends or movements that would degrade positioning services.

Data from the Victorian Local Analysis Centre is provided to Geoscience Australia, which is the main analysis centre for APREF.

The GNSS ground station network is important to surveyors and spatial users who rely on accurate positioning to identify property boundaries, the size of land parcels, natural features, assets and infrastructure.

You can access geodesy support by emailing the SMES or GPSnet teams.

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