15 November 2023

New and updated ePlan training materials have been developed and are now available online following feedback from the surveying industry. The online materials provide the sector with improved support and have been well-received by users who have adopted ePlan.

Uptake of ePlan has grown significantly since the conclusion of the ePlan pilot in December 2022. Participation has more than doubled, with 70 surveying firms creating ePlans for 2D subdivisions (plans without cross-sections) and consolidations based on the Single CAD Format File (SCFF) methodology.

Surveying firms are encouraged to explore the training and support materials which also feature an improved menu that makes it easier to find the right support.

General information about ePlan is available, including a list of potential enhancements suggested by industry. Comprehensive ePlan release notes are also available that list changes implemented to the system across each past release.

New and improved training materials include:

ePlan video tutorials

Take a tour, learn how to use the ePlan editor, integrate your ePlan with SPEAR, watch the new Visualisation Enhancement Tool (VET) video and more.

Explore video tutorials

SCFF layers, examples and templates

Download an SCFF-compliant DXF example and templates in DWT, SEE and DGN formats.

View now

SCFF plan preparation and instructions

View the newly created dealing-specific drawing instructions for all ePlan-supported dealing types.

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SCFF instructions

View information on exporting from AutoCAD and MicroStation to DXF.

Go to AutoCAD and MicroStation

Download a sample code table and parameter file to assist you in exporting a DXF from LISCAD.


SCFF guidance notes

View the SCFF guidance notes that are routinely updated with information to cater for new scenarios and align with SCFF requirements.

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Validation rules

Access a complete list of SCFF, ePlan and DCAS validation rules, which provide example validation messages and rule descriptions of what is being validated, and what the expectation is for the rule to pass.

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ePlan user guides

View the guides, in particular the ePlan Visualisation Enhancement Tool (VET) which is a great resource for understanding all VET functions.

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For further SCFF and ePlan support, please contact the SPEAR Service Desk

Page last updated: 15/11/23