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Geographic Names Victoria is currently reviewing the Naming rules for places in Victoria. This is commonly referred to as the naming rules.

The Geographic Place Names Act 1998 (Section 6) outlines that the naming rules should be updated every 5 years.

The 2020-2021 review will focus on encouraging greater gender equality and diversity when deciding on names for the future.

This means ensuring best-practice naming including more places and streets named after women, Aboriginal people, or in an Aboriginal language.

A 2020 naming rules review committee has been established to ensure proper governance of the review.

The nominated committee members include:

  • members of the Geographic Place Names Advisory Panel
  • representatives from emergency services and councils

It is expected that the committee will consider matters on a monthly basis.

The committee will be engaging with stakeholders from November 2020.

Stakeholders include:

  • councils
  • emergency services
  • developers
  • land surveyors
  • the general public

Frequently asked questions

Read or download frequently asked questions about the 2020-2021 review of the naming rules below.

You can find more general questions about the naming rules and Geographic Names Victoria under first time here.

About the naming rules

The naming rules include step-by-step information on naming roads, features and localities in Victoria.

The naming rules uphold the guidelines in the Geographic Place Names Act 1998 and are mandatory for naming authorities in Victoria.

The rules were developed following consultation with municipal councils, government departments, and emergency response and public service providers.

Page last updated: 16/09/22