6 July 2021

Land Use Victoria is commencing an exciting phase of the ePlan program with a pilot of a new ePlan Creation service. The service will simplify the process for surveyors creating ePlans for land subdivisions.

This pilot follows work by Land Use Victoria in collaboration with the surveying industry, to define a Single CAD Format File (SCFF) that the ePlan Creation Service will convert into an ePlan.

The benefits of the SCFF and ePlan include:

  • industry standards and consistency in CAD files that supports all cadastral plans and surveys supplied in SPEAR
  • faster updating of Vicmap Property with new plan and survey information
  • reduced errors, anomalies, and requisitions of plans through data validations
  • eliminates the need to draft a plan / produce drawing files
  • streamlined SPEAR workflows due to data population from creating ePlans.

The ePlan Creation Service has been built from the ground up by the ePlan team from the Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration (CSDILA) at University of Melbourne in collaboration with Land Use Victoria SPEAR team.

The ePlan Creation Service pilot commences this month with a small group of surveying organisations.

The pilot will provide an opportunity to test the systems with more ePlans being submitted in SPEAR.

Feedback from pilot participants will provide valuable user input into future development, before the service becomes available to all surveyors later this year.

To find out more please visit SPEAR or contact the service desk on (03) 9194 0612 or by email.

Page last updated: 06/07/21